Chillin' out at the hospital

Unfortunately my younger brother has been pretty sick.
(he's ok now)

so I was requested (by my parents) to go to Wellington Hospital with the family (to act as a Nanny for my other brother) 

this involved much chasing/playing/running/jumping around the outside play ground.

so what better than a comfortable outfit of 
Jeans and a T-Shirt.
(you just can't go wrong!)

I made sure to keep it feminine with my new nude heels (which admittedly I changed out of during the running/jumping parts) and some cute red lip gloss! 

T-Shirt: Gossip Girl (purchased at Warner Bros studio) "One good Scandal deserves another"
Shoes: New Nude Heels Shoe connection

Earrings: Feather plastic drops. Gifted from my Mother from Oosh La La
bangle: Colourful wooden Oosh La La 
Bracelets: Mixture of Pandora, Chamilia and other brands