From Average to Chic...

From average to chic
I was just chillin' at home in my "comfy clothes" (Jeans and a T-shirt) then decided to go out... add a jacket, a necklace and a change of shoes, and wah-la chic outfit to hit the shops!

I love how easy it is to dress up a simple outfit with just a jacket and a few accessories.
Overall look... LOVIN' IT

Jacket: Dotti Orange Crop Blazer
T-shirt: Portmans white chiffon and beading
Jeans: Old Navy Crop Dark Denim Jegging

Necklace: City Chic white beads and gold chain with bird
Shoes: Hannahs Floral wedges
Nail polish: Nil - Nail Hardener (OPI Nail Envy)