Just chilling out

Today I was a little bored.
So when I asked MyLove to take a photo of my outfit today we went a little bit crazy with the photos. 

this is the "Model Pose"
And My Shoes...

I spent majority of the day just lazing around, so forgive my lack of accessories. 

I must say I am pretty pleased with my outfit for today. 
It was incredibly comfortable and apparently looks good too :) 

Typical weather where I live. it's supposed to be summer, Hence the sunnies. 
However it was a rather drab overcast day :(

p.s. I love how the little bit of red in my shoes matched the red of my singlet top so well ;)

Top: City Chic Crochet knit top
Singlet: Glassons red long singlet
Jeans: Max blue denim skinny

Sunglasses: Dior pale pink square frames
Shoes: Hannah's Red and gold flats.