New blue shoe(s)

Fantastic Day today.
Woke up-
Door bell rings- 
Mail man with...

I must say I am extremely pleased with ModCloth. I made a purchase under two weeks ago and was longing for it to arrive and it did! in next to no time. that's great for international shipping! 

Aren't they stunning?
These shoes are amazing. 
they have so much going for them. 
the pictures don't show very clearly how amazing they are. the lining is a blue shimmery (almost tweed like fabric), the heel is a stunning gold patent look and the sole of the shoe has the funky-est design, so when I walk people with want to be seeing the bottom of my foot! 
Although at first these were a little too tight I re-tried them on with some sheer socks and they slipped on easily and the "tweed-y" inside fabric means that I won't slip around even with stockings on.

So as they are my present-to-my-self for today I thought I better wear them.
and what better way to let my shoes make a statement than pair with simple black/white/denim.
The shoes really stand out. 
Matched with my Vera Wang Princess perfume I feel HOT!
Top: The Warehouse (BARGAIN!) sheer black top with lace
Singlet (under black top): Glassons White thin strap
Jeans: (the ever faithful)Jay Jays Pale wash denim skinny jean
Necklace: Beads and Chains (soooo old, perhaps from Diva)

Perfume: Vera Wang Princess (smells so good)

and the Shoes:
Purchased from ModCloth
for an exact pair click here