Online shopping...

I love online shopping.
I mean who doesn't? you can do it any time, from any shop (pretty much), Any where! 

My favourite shops (to note a few) are:
Modcloth -  they are a super cute online store, with a mixture of 50's glam and modern fashion. The shipping was amazingly fast, and you can click on a item you love (that's sold out) to be notified when it's back in stock. There are many reviews on nearly every item, and the customer service is just GREAT!

MaxShop - This is actually the online version of a local shop. I absolutely love going on line looking at the latest styles, then going into the shop the next day to try on the item. Max is a New Zealand brand, which is AWESOME, and has really high quality clothes (although this is reflected in the price).

There are about four sale sites I love:
BuyInvite and NZsale - both these sites manage to source epic sales from epic brands, and allow us (the customer) to purchase products at a fantastic price!
My most recent purchases are some Michael Kors Sunglasses, and a Romeo and Juliet Couture top (more on these when I receive them)
The only down side: It can take a while for items to arrive as they have to wait for the sale to end, then order the item from supplier, and then finally dispatch.

MyHabit - bought to us by is another favourite, and offers again epic brands (this time a bit better known and a bit higher class). Some of my favourite of their sales included; Dolce and Gabbana, Vera Wang and Prada bags.
Of course you have to be in QUICK! and since it's an American site that means me getting up very early.

Reebonz - is a website I have only very recently joined. They again are a sale site, and advertise at selling luxury brands at a discounted price. It is a members only site, and you need to be invited to join. The sales are fantastic! However, the products are a little out of my (student budget) price range.

Finally, Good old ebay and (NZ's version) TradeMe.

I do on occasion shop at other stores online, especially if something is not available in store, or if there are special online only promotions. 
most recently Overland delivered me this beautiful handbag. (after buying on line to enter the draw to win an epic prize)