All things bright and beautiful...

All things bright and beautiful... all stomach's will be small...

Today is a "fat day" ever have those days. You can only just cram your butt into your favourite jeans- and your belly is not going to stop hanging out anytime soon?
That is me. Today.

The best way (I find) to disguise a "fat day tummy" is with a loose fitting top. 
and this is one of my favourite tops!

It is super fun and bright, and hopefully will mean people will think "oh my, look at that girl with a lovely bright top."
not: "oh my, look at that girl with a HUGE tummy and ass!"

annnnnnnnnnnd... because I was in a bright mood I decided the best thing to do would be to team it with clashy colours. 

Pink, Orange and Red all in one outfit!?
love it! 

Here is the complete look.

Top: Glassons Pink and orange spotty loose blouse
Cardi: Glassons Orange knit Cardi
Jeans: Max dark denim skinny (with epic orange stitching) - A favourite pair!

Belt: Max Skinny patent red 

Rings: silvermoon and fair trade silver (gifts)
shoes: (unseen) chucks Black leather hi-top thin sole. 

I just really wanted to highlight the awesomeness of the bright colours together.

and look at my silver rings. 
(the one on the right is fair trade silver - a lovely gift from my cousins in England)

I thought I would also point out that to be honest I don't really love the sleeves on this top...
So I tend to keep them covered with a light-weight cardi or something.

They're a bit too bulky and ruffly - and that seems to make my arms look huge (which I know they most certainly are not)