A cute outfit for a fun day.

I didn't get up to too much today.

I actually spent most of the day playing Harry Potter Cludo with some friends.

I absolutely LOVE this new top from Max, the back is beautiful and lacy and the front is a really nice simple cowl neck.
I think this is the kind of top I could wear with jeans (like today) or wear with a skirt (and Blazer) to work.

overall, GREAT buy!

Top: Max cowl neck black chiffon with lace back
Jeans: Forever New Motor-cycle pale wash jeans

Hat: Hartleys Black sequins 
Belt: Max red thin leather look waist belt
Shoes: K-mart (BARGAIN) plain black heels

MyLove has been calling me "French Girl" haha. 
(I think he likes the outfit too)