Konad criss cross - with a bit of Fizz

A second Konad attempt, and I think they worked quite well.

I really wanted to try some of my new scented nail polish (to see how they look and how long the scent lasts)
I began with a Revlon "Midnight Affair" base coat
White Konad special nail polish with Criss-Cross design

Three nails have Colada Fizz (by Revlon) as top coat
and two have Mint fizz (the darker blue)

Overall love the look! and the sheer-ness of the Fizz nail polishes meant it only tinted the criss-cross slightly, so the pattern was still really visible.

The middle nail polish is Midnight Affair (I used as base coat)
left: Mint Fizz
right: Colada Fizz

Update on the nail polish.
The mint fizz scent lasted really well and was still minty fresh after about 3 days.
The colada fizz smelt ok up close for about a day and a half... Towards the end it started to smell a bit stale.

But luckily I had the mint fizz to cover the scent. I will try the colada fizz alone sometime in the future to see how it smells on its own.