my new Konad nails

This is my first attempt at Konad nail art..
I first chose two bright colours (I wanted to make a statement)

Blue: Bling Bright Blue
Red: Revlon Raven Red
(this wasn't my best paint job - but I will be tidying it up later anyway)

I then found my Konad supplies...

Special Polish: White
Image Plate: M57
Konad Scraper
Konad Stamp

This is actually really quick and easy to do.. at first I was pressing too hard when scraping (so I scraped off too much nail polish) and nothing was transferring to my nail. 
I finally figured out the right amount to pressure to apply when scraping and the nail polish pattern transfers really easily...

It is sort of like applying a film of dry nail polish when you stick it on your nail.
There is no need to wait for it to dry once you stick it. 
It is also really good because the nail polish just wipes of the skin (if you scratch with tweezers or something).
I used a cotton bud to press the pattern into my nails at the edges (as you can't really get the stamp completely against every part of your nail).

Don't forget to apply your topcoat.

Overall super easy process!

This is my end result.