Nail polish

So I'm some what a nail polish fiend.

If I see a new colour I just have to have it.

Now most people rave on about OPI and yes, sometimes their colours are cooler and admittedly they do have a pretty darn awesome iPhone app.

But my nail polish love is Revlon.

That's right the iconic shaped bottle the gold printed letters around the base of the neck.

I find revlon nail polish to be smooth and easy to apply. It doesn't clump up over time, and they're the provider of my favorite top coat "999 colorstay top coat" (GET SOME)

Now I'm no nail technician, and I don't think I'm an expert on nail polish. But I love the stuff, and I like to try new colours/patterns/styles.

After Revlon my other favorite nail polishes would have to be:
Australis: they usually have quirky different colours and come in a cute cylindrical bottle. The formula is easy to apply, doesn't get clumpy overtime and tends to dry smoothly (admittedly I ALWAYS use a topcoat)

Sally Hansen: (mostly "salon effects- real nailpolish strips") these allow you to do patterns you never though possible. They're similar to minx nails worn by many of the celebrity's but don't require a UV lamp to set. They say they'll last up to 10 days; and I'd agree. I can usually keep mine on for a good week (with a few chips at the end)

More on each brand and colour later.