Orange fizz

This is the first of my new revlon "fizz" polishes I have tried. I felt like a bright splash of colour and boy does this provide.

I really love the colour it has slight flecks of glitter in (which are more like tiny tiny bits of foil - as they stay flushed with the nail, not risen like some glitter, and it gives a more shimmery look than chunks of glitter)
They shimmer most when they catch the light, but when you look at them you can tell the nails are shimmery because of the slight textured look.

And the smell is spot on!!! I love the smell of citrus, this is the best nail polish to wake you up in the morning.

Minor downside:
The nail polish is quite sheer so you do need to paint a few layers if you want a solid colour look.

This is the finished product.