Orange of the day...

Today was quite nice and sunny.
So I thought 'why not have a sunny outfit to reflect the day and my mood'

and here it is. 

Top: Glassons loose orange spaghetti strap top
Cardigan: Glassons Red plain V neck button up cardi
Jeans: Jay Jays pale was denim skinny jean

Belt: Max
Shoes: Hannah's
Ring: Silvermoon
Necklace: Gifted from work (For Christmas)

This top I'm wearing has been in my wardrobe for quite sometime, I hadn't really been too sure how to wear it, the straps are very fine and the under-arm hangs a little low... so I am wearing it with a fitted black singlet underneath- to avoid any bra showing. I've also added a cute bright waist belt as it was a bit "sack like" without it.

Bonus: Today someone asked me if I'd lost weight! :)