outfit decision time...

So I have a job interview Friday... 
and well WHAT DO I WEAR!!?
I tried on this outfit today...
I'm not sure, perhaps a bit TOO corporate?

I feel like it's not quite the look I want to convey. 
I need a I'm-lovely-and-friendly-but-also-serious-sometimes-and-can-get-on-with-my-work.
I feel this is a bit I-AM-SERIOUS!

They are lovely pieces of clothing separately 
(you've seen my Jacket with those cranberry pants, and the shoes with denim jeans...) 
And perhaps in a different setting... 
but for my job interview?

What do you think!?

Dress: Max Black leather trip
Jacket: Max black blazer with cranberry trim

Tights: Black
Shoes: David Elman deep red patent leather bootie