A successful interview

So this morning I woke up after many dreams about what I would wear to my job interview.

These were the first few options (yes I took photos of each so I could compare them and of course show you guys!)

(yes the one on the right is what I wore yesterday with jeans)
I think any one of these would have worked, and the reason I didn't choose one of these exact outfits was because the skirt (which is beautiful in texture and colour) is actually navy blue and I didn't have a cardi to match (and didn't want to get cold in the rain)

I had ruled out wearing a blazer or jacket as I didn't want to look too corporate (well not until I feel more comfortable in my role in the organisation)

Here is my chosen outfit! 
I hope you like.

I felt comfortable - I could sit down and my tummy didn't show, and neither did cleavage when I bent over
I looked approachable - which is an important part of the area I want to work in.

and I was bright and memorable! 
so hopefully even if they forgot my name they could remember me as
"the nice girl in the bright top"

Thanks for all the help in decision making (both in person and via instagram)

Top: Glassons Pink and Orange spot blouse
Card: Glassons Black button up
Skirt: Max Black high waisted pencil skirt

Shoes: Shoe Connection
Bag: French Connection
Tights: Black Opaque

Oh I nearly forgot...
I did get the job!!!
(all thanks to my cute outfit... and hopefully me)