yummy golden nails...

some new scented nails.

Today I decided to opt for an "orange" look (as requested by MyLove)
(I secretly think he only said orange as he was looking for a way to avoid my spending time painting my nails, he thinks I don't have orange nail polish... I showed him!)

But why be boring and stick to one colour?
So I opted for a brighter red base coat (to match my top) and did an Orange top coat.

This look turned out beautifully! 
I really love how the orange shimmery flecks look golden and magical against the red.
(I must add that although the nails smelt yummy, it was more of a gummy lollies scent than oranges)

Base coat: Sally Hansen: "Strong Nails Now"
Base Colour: Revlon: Revlon Red (2 coats)
Top Coat: Revlon: Orange Fizz (1 thick coat)