Boo hoo or woo hoo?

I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad today.

It is incredibly cold (WAS - the weather has since sunnied up a little)

On the one hand I am cold - not good
On the other hand I-get-to-wear-my-new-red-merino-from-max - Very Good

Plus secretly I like being cold... well I prefer cold to hot. you can always add more (attractive and fashionable) layers of clothes. 
you can't always take them off...
  (and why would you want to - when they look so good!?)

Please enjoy my my first winter look of twenty-twelve  as much as I do

(under Merino) Long Sleeve Black Glassons Top

Jeans: Max Denim skinny (with epic orange stitching) 
Jacket: Max (I have this in black also... LOVE)

Boots: Hannah's
Scarf: Max