A chilly day... And a super cute hat.

Today was pretty chilly... (again)
But at least I got to wear
 my super cute never-been-worn-before-even-though-I've-had-it-for-a-year hat
I was pretty excited to get to put this cute hat on.
especially with my newly dyed brunette hair.
which I think really suits me.

Enjoy my Outfit of the today.

Top: French Connection Cotton blouse
Under-Top: Glassons Long-Sleeve Merino
Jeans: Max Dark(ish) denim skinny jeans

Hat: eejay designs - Handmade in New Zealand
Belt: Max
Shoes: Briarwood

as it was super chilly I needed an over-top...
I decided on the red cardigan it was cute and feminine. 
the Blazer looked a little bit too corporate,
but at least now I have an idea for an exciting outfit I can wear when I start working.

Blazer: Rachel Hunter
Cardigan: Glassons
Ring: SilverMoon heart shaped silver ring.