Does this outfit work for me?

Thought I would continue to play around with some of my new "work outfits"

Not sure I'm set on this complete look...
but I do love this dress.
Admittedly I wear it with a stomachsuckyinthing but once I get into the swing of working out every day hopefully I'll fit it perfectly and smoothly!

The shiny bits on it are like a faux leather - which look awesome and give my waist the perfect amount of definition. 

Also I didn't even notice just how much the necklace and jacket match until I saw these photos of them! 

Dress: Max Black with leather trim
Jacket: Vintage purchased second hand

Necklace: SilverMoon (two necklaces I put together)
Tights: Black
Shoes: K-mart (BARGIN) plain black heels