Grunge nails

So another nail trend I've recently discovered is "grunge nails"
which has epic nail art pictures - go on check them out
through them I found these nails 

Ok- not a fan on the pointyness but the colours look cool

and these nails
Which are super pretty and look sort of like sunset.

So I decided to try "grunge nails" out for myself. 

My first attempt was a little off - I think I used too many colours and layers (so it went a bit lumpy and gooey)
I used:
1) Bling Bright Blue
2) Australis Blackmail
3) Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
4) OPI A Roll in the Hague
5) Sally Hansen Fuchsia Bling Bling
6) Revlon No Shrinking Violet

after applying all six layers I dipped a paint brush in nail polish remover and swirled it around the nail.
It was much harder than the tutorial's made it sound - it took a while before I saw any new colours and I ended up with a lot of gooey nail polish piled up around the coloured spot. 
See this picture
The effect was cool - and if they had all turned out looking like this nail (most of them turned into brown gooey mess) I may have kept the polish on. 
but I decided to remove all the polish and 

Try Again
and this time - It worked!
well - it was much better than before

I used:
1) Sally Hansen Fuchsia Bling Bling
2) Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
3) OPI A Roll in the Hague

I then found a more-bristly brush and followed the same steps.  
admittedly afterwards I did dab a tiny bit of pink back onto the nail - as I got a bit too excited with the remover and had bits of NailSkin showing.

I like the finished look