Lets begin the Bootie hunt...

So at the moment my thoughts are pre-occupied with Boots. 

or Booties to be exact.
  (not to be confused with ankle boots)
(ankle boots are ones that come up above the ankle but below the knee)

I long to find the perfect pair of booties that I can wear with skinny jeans or skirts and tights. 

They need to be formal enough to wear to work - but casual and not-too-high enough that I can look like I-haven't-made-too-much-effort-I-just-look-this-good-naturally.

Following are a few I have found online and in catalogues (that I have not yet tried on) 
-More to come when I see them in stores-

Please marvel at the choice (as I did) and hopefully, yes, hopefully one of these will be my 
perfect pair

Lets begin:
and is priced at NZ$149.95 $99
Really loving the colour of the boot, the strap around the ankle and the height of the heel - It's up there for me! 
I love these, and I MUST try.
I will be rushing to Hannah's at the next available opportunity to try these. 
and they on sale!  
::fingers crossed:: they fit well and the heel isn't too high.

and is priced at NZ$169.99

Not so set on this one - as I wanted something with a little more zest... but I do feel this is the kind of boot that could last a life time?
I know the price is not too high - but I think I would skip these all together, too boring and realistically when I found a "funner" boot these would be kicked to the curb.

and is priced at NZ$149.95 $99
The buckles on this boot give it a little bit of detail, but I'm not sure I'm set on the rather pointed toe. The heel hight looks perfect, and the shape of the top looks like it would sit nicely around my ankle.
I would probably not go for this boot, a little bit too practical and "grown up" for me, however if I do find myself in Hannah's I think I'd give these a try)

and is priced at NZ$99.95 $79.95
This one is cute! I like the detail with the gathered style along the top and the wrap around the ankle. 
The heel looks a bit pointed - so I wonder if they'd be comfortable all day long, and I wonder if the ankle strap is fixed or if it might slip/come undone whilst I'm walking?
At this fantastic price I will definitely be going in to Hannah's to try on ::fingers crossed:: for a good fit

and is priced at NZ $219.00
Very cute looking bootie - and the price reflects it's desirableness. I love the button and rouched detailing! the heel is a perfect height and I love the (what looks like) two tone/material effect on the heel. 
I wonder where it sits on the ankle? it might be more shoe hight than bootie?
Probably not quite what I am looking for - so I think I'd give this bootie a miss. 

and is priced at NZ$309.90
Very sexy boot - probably not what I was looking for in terms of wearing to work, but I think this boot will last a long time, and for the right kind of girl would get alot of wear!  
the stud detail add a sense of funk while the chunky heel keeps the boot from being "hookerish"
at this price I would probably give this boot a miss
- yes it's made from the finest quality leather, and yes it will last forever, but really do I need it to last for ever when I can only think of a handful of occasions when I would be daring enough to wear this "sexy" boot?

 The Warehouse
and is priced at NZ$31.50
Pretty plain but practical boot (I have tried this boot on - and it is too small ::SadFace::)

I love the chunky zip detail down the side (but there is another inner zip closure - surely we need only one zip?)
the heel is a great height! 

but for that price I wonder how long they will last?
in saying that - if they had fitted I would have bought them! 

and is priced at NZ$299.90
Not entirely convinced on this shoe... I love the simplisity of the design, and I think this is a really elegant shape (possibly the nicest of all)

but the plainness has thrown me off and to do up all those laces every time?
The heel looks like it is a good height - a little narrow at the bottom which makes me question the comfort factor. 

at this price I think I'd give them a miss.

and is priced at NZ$239.90
Every so often Footloose really delivers! 
I love this bootie. the deepness of the brown is perfect for a work-formal yet casual boot. 
the gold tone on the zip and dome complements the brown leather and gives it a slight touch of "high-class"

the heel height is perfect and I love the wooden look material used.

this is the kind of understated beautiful boot that will make other women think 
"wow, I wonder which designer brand that is?"
I would definitely buy if I had $200 lying around -as it is... a bit out of my price range ::verySadFace::

and is priced at NZ$239.99
Very impractical for what I want.
I would probably hardly wear.
but look at the amazing colour! 

I hope that was an enjoyable experience for you. 
perhaps you found a few pairs you might like for yourself?

I will let you know how I go with my try-on-booties-spree. 
keep your eyes peeled for my next bootie post