A long winter's day.

and A long Winter-y dress...

So today was pretty cold.
But I still like to look good in the cold.
I didn't feel like wearing pants (and I really didn't want cold, exposed legs) so what better than a 
Maxi Dress!?

I love this dress! 

It is really simple (plain and long) but has the most beautiful gold beading detail at the top, 
and the back (which you can't see) has a cute cut out (it's skin-showy but not too much skin-showy) 

Teamed with dark colourful scarf and a warm jacket (and a long sleeve top underneath - for extra warmth)
perfect winter look.

Dress: City Chic Black Maxi with gold beading
Under-Top: Glassons Black Long Sleeve
Jacket: Glassons Bomber Jacket with faux fur hood
Scarf: Portmans Red/Purple/Blue/Black knit
Shoes: K-Mart slide ons (with warm socks!)