New foil nails

Today I went to the women's expo.
It was filled with numerous stalls with things focused at women!!

I found a stall selling nail foils!!!
And I went a little crazy....
(7 in total!)

I had actually been looking at these on the Internet lately, and have been trying to find somewhere that sold them in New Zealand. eBay was looking like my only option....

So I was very happy when I saw these in my own home town!!!!

So excited that I put some on tonight!
And to be honest....
They look AMAZING! But they took ALOT of effort to get on.
I think that was partly due to the fact that I had cut my nails so short just yesterday (a little bit too short)

I will definitely give these nail foils another try once I grown my nails a bit longer...
So keep posted for more reviews.

Oh, and I got a Yummy apple too!!!

Toffee Apple!!! 
om nom nom