Ombré blue

So as seen before I have found Ombré nails.
This is take two

For this beautiful creation I used: 
OPI: Nail Envy weak and peeling as base coat
Bling: Bright Blue (as my base colour)
Revlon: midnight affair (as a dark in-between blue)
Australis: Blackmail (as the dark tip colour)
Revlon: colorstay topcoat

First: I painted the base coat and base colour (all of my nail bright blue)
DRY TIME! (make sure the polish is dry to touch - or it comes off on the sponge)

Then: I painted three stripes (of my blue shades) on to a sponge.
The colours overlapped slightly

Then: I "stamped" the sponge on to each finger and gave a little wiggle - to get a really smudgy look

Finally I actually took the black polish and painted the very tips of my nails so it's really dark
then: topcoated it.

just after I topcoated I bumped my nail - so I didn't have a super smooth finish! 
I was going to apply another layer of topcoat, but instead decided to apply a layer of shimmer.
This is Revlon: Colada Fizz over the top

Love these nails this time!! 
the colours are perfect.
next time I think I'll try an orange and white.