Ombré nails

I first saw Ombré Nails while cruising the Internet looking at funky nail art. 

I then came across this blog which had some explanation on how to achieve this look.
I tried following their directions (and it didn't work!)
in the end up did it like this.

First: I painted my nails with my usual OPI nail envy base coat
then painted my nails with Revlon pure pearl (my base colour)
(sorry no photo here)

Then: I found an old clear file sheet (any plasticy sheet will work)and poured a few drops of Revlon electric pink on to the plastic
I used a make-up sponge to dab the nail polish (in really light layers) onto the nail.

Then: I did about a zillion layers (they were really sheer) doing more layers as I got closer to the tip of my nail.
after this my entire finger-tips were a mess.
I just used a nail-polish remover soaked cotton bud to remove the excess polish around my nails.

The nails looked pretty average and fuzzy (from the sponge)

Finally: after a generous layer of Revlon colorstay topcoat they looked amazing!
(I used a "generous" amount so I could avoid smudging the colours too much)

This is the final result. 
I like.
I'm not entirely sure on the colour choice though - I think it'd be fun with a variety of different colours.

Also: after my improvised process I found this really useful directional:
Think I'll try this way out next time - and maybe a different sponge