Sticks and Stones - I love thee!

Today I came home to hear my mother utter those five beautiful words....
"agirlwithsomeclothes you have a package."

and boy was I excited!!! 
I ripped it open...
to reveal...
Sticks and Stones by cover brands lacquers

This is a nail polish that is based (heavily based) on the lovely "connect the dots" by Lynnderella.
(she does heaps of cool nail polish!)
after reading many reviews here on both, I decided that sticks and stones is probably more me anyway
(it is also much cheaper on eBay (not originally priced) this is due to the now high demand for connect the dots)

(by the sounds of it connect the dots has more of a sheen as the main polish, while sticks and stones is a clear polish)
sticks and stones is a clear nail polish with bits of black and white glitter.
The glitter is in a variety of shapes and sizes: hexagons, circles and lines.

So my sticks and stones journey began...
First I applied my base colours.
(random and colourful - I wanted to see what it looked like on different colours)
Left: Revlon Electric Pink (3 coats)
Middle: Australis rub-a-dub-dub (2 coats)
Right: Revlon Plum Seduction (3 coats)

then, after waiting an excruciating long time for them to dry,
I applied my sticks and stones...

and I am in love! 

I think this nail polish looks amazing.
I love it over the pink's however on yellow the white glitter didn't show up as much (so probably won't do it over this colour again)
This is with one coat - using the dabbing effect not brushing (instead of brushing the nail polish on like usual you push the brush onto the nail and dab the glitter in the places you want it.)
and Revlon colourstay top coat

Enjoy some close ups