Marble nails...

So I thought today I could give marble nails a try...

from reading various different bloggers I thought I better try out some of my nail polishes and see if I could master the marbling skill.
Here are four thumb nails I tried (and removed) 
The pink one looks best - It was slightly watery/thinly coated though...
(also creepily the black one looks like a long old fashioned face painting...)
I have discovered that:
 1) the water temperature is important - too cold and the nail polish sets FAST as
2) Thick or globby nail polish does NOT work. (the black one was very thick - which is usually good for normal nail painting, but it didn't spread in the water - but also the water was cold...)
3) sheer/shimmery nail polish does not show up well full stop. The greeny one has actually two other blue tones which were very shimmery, all that showed up was a slight shimmer (but no actual colour)

The best nail polishes that worked were my revlon ones (I love revlon!)

See how well this manicure turned out!
Lovely colours together!! 
This worked so much better than I hoped! (except the slightly bubbly pinky finger...)