Multi-coloured ombré nails

These are the nails I painted prior to flying to Sydney. Sorry that I'm posting them late!!! I ended up painting each nail the bright colour and sponging black on top. On the first hand I did (my left hand) i sponged it on (which took a LONG time to get it dark enough) in the end I pare-painted the coloured tips and smudged this, it was much easier!!! I then tried it for the other hand - which wasn't as easy as I was expecting... I ended up paint the bottom half black (with the polish brush) then once that was relatively dry I did a stripe of black near a stripe of colour and used the sponge to blend these... It ended up with a smoother smudge resutl- not just a spotty (obviously black sponged on after) Enjoy the picture of my final result.
Little finger: Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow Ring finger: OPI A Roll in the Hague Middle finger: Revlon Revlon Red Index finger: Sally Hansen Fuchsia Bling Bling Thumb: Revlon Grape Icy Black: Australis Blackmail