A rainbow gradient manicure

I tried a new manicure today.
and it took a long time.

I did a gradient rainbow! 
do you like it?

First I painted my nails white (to make sure the colours were really vibrant!)

I then used an eye-shadow sponge to dab the colours on to my nails.
I began with yellow (because it was the lightest) and worked up and down from there

after all my dabbing efforts my nails looked like this.
I then used nail polish remove on a cotton bud to remove polish off my fingers.

I did try using a lighter and darker blue (but they didn't show up well) so ended up just using one blue.

Red: Revlon Revlon Red
Orange: OPI A Roll in the Hague
Yellow: Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
Green: L.A. Colours Quirky Turquoise
Blue: Revlon Mint Fizz
Purple: Revlon Plum Seduction