An icy manicure

Today I am going Ice Skating with MyLove and his sisters.

I decided to do an Icy manicure in tribute to this - however, I have no pale blue.
so being a quick thinking person I decided to whip one up! 

I mixed Mabeline Marshmallow (silvery)
Australis Sky's the Limit
Revlon Colada Fizz
but this colour ended up being far too sheer
so I added 
Sally Hansen Naturel White
and more Australis Sky's the limit
and created this beautiful number.
I name her Cinderella

I didn't want a super plain manicure so decide to spice it up a little with some dots.
(this picture is without topcoat)
Pale Blue: My Franken Cinderella
Dark Blue: Australis Sky's the limit
White (dots): Sally Hansen Naturel White

Finally to finish the look off I added a sparkly top coat in the form of Revlon Colada Fizz