Geometric nails!

I was flicking through Grazia magazine and came across these cool nail ideas!
so I decided to try them all!
firstly Geometric nails!

I couldn't choose just one colour...
and I did them using different methods.

Firstly the purple I did using masking tape...
I painted my entire nail white then used a sheer pink to do the pale pink colour (this only really shows up well over white)
I then taped over sections of the pale pink and painted with the light purple.
but this was a mistake!
The masking tape pulled off bits of the pale pink (probably didn't leave enough dry time)
I then masking taped over the pale pink and purple to do the dark purple streaks, and again when I pulled off the masking tape it pulled off heaps of colour! 

so I ended up carefully going over each coloured section again with nail polish (that is why the lines aren't so crisp.
but still I think it looks quite nice.

White (under colour): Sally Hansen Sheer Romance Naturel White
Pale Pink: Revlon Pink Orchid
Pale Purple: OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender 
Dark Purple: Elf Dark Purple Shimmer

Tomorrow I'll post how I did the green...