My First Franken.

So after spending a lot of time reading up on "Franken" nail polishes I decided to try some for myself.

Franken polishes are pretty much a nail polish that are created by mixing other nail polishes, pigments (loose coloured powder) or glitters.

This is my first attempt where I mixed :
- My left over Colour Stay Top Coat (Revlon)
- some old make-up powder foundation
-round silver glitter
I did not like this final look...

So decided to add
- some more nude coloured powder (from an old make-up pallet)
- Some Revlon "Sheer Petal" nail polish (to try and thicken it up a little)
-and Sally Hansen "Rockstar Pink" to add a bit of multi-colour shimmer

I prefer this final result a lot more. 
but I wish I hadn't added silver glitter pieces, I think this would look beautiful with just the nude colour and the multi-colour shimmer. 
and the glitter pieces make it a bit clumpy...

this is with a Mega Shine (Sally Hansen) Top Coat