My "boyfriend" franken...

So after trying my first franken polish 
I decided to make another (as I had one other almost empty bottle)

MyLove suggested I do a blue glittery polish (as his favourite colour is blue)
So that is what I did, and in honour of his suggestion I will name this polish "Boyfriend"

Firstly I cleaned the bottle.
Pour Nail Polish remover into the bottle and Shake hard 
(Acetone Formula's work best)
then Empty contents into a small bowl or container (that is thick plastic) 
you can now save the metal mixing balls (instead of throwing them away) 
Dispose of the nail polish removed in a safe way (eg. not down the sink or anywhere where it could damage something)
Repeat until the bottle is clean

I used an old glitter polish bottle - so took a little white to fully clean out.

This Franken is made with:
- Bling bright Blue
- Revlon Mint Fizz
- Revlon Midnight Affair (only a few drops)
- Round Blue Glitter Pieces (I made sure not to do too much like in my first franken)
-and, Nicole by OPI Rainbow in the S-kylie.

This is my "boyfriend" Franken with one coat

This is two coats
(I love the shimmer and the great smooth and opaque formula)

And this is with Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat

Totally Love It!
If you try making any franken polishes let me know how you go.