New navy blue...

So I have been envying the people who get to own and wear Butter London nail polish.
my favourite colour has always been Royal Navy

I found this image at Stuff I (s)watched

so, here in New Zealand this stuff retails at about $30 (which is quite a lot for nail polish)...
so sometimes I just go in to Farmers and stand by the Butter London counter and dream...

well today, after my Butter London Dreaming, I wandered into some other stores, one of them being a cheapo shop
and guess what I found!? 
A navy blue nail polish 
- I decided since it was only $3 I could buy it and risk it looking terrible and never being used....

when I got home I put some on and I was amazed! 
it looks so similar to the Royal Navy Butter London polish and only 1/10th the price! 
I am so happy!!! 
I was actually quite surprised at the smooth formula and opaque colour of such a cheap brand.
I will definitely be shopping here again.

I did this funky manicure...

Base Coat: OPI Nail Envy (super good!)
Blue: Kleancolour Neon Sapphire (2 coats) - but it even looked good after one coat!
Ring/Index finger: Revlon Sheer Rose (3 coats)

Let me just say I am one happy customer and in all my nail polish snobbery I think I may now be introducing a few more Kleancolour's into my collection.