Bright and floral!

It is not quite summer yet.
But I'm hoping it's strong on it's way...

I cannot wait to wear bright summery clothes all season long! 
Although, don't tell anyone - but I'm not really a "summer fan".
Sure I love the bright colours and the sunshine and flowers
but I get mega-bad hay-fever! so I'm sneezing and sniffing all over the place,
and I hate being too hot! (I mean there's only so much clothes you can take off)...

But still- Bring on the summer brights!

I decided to brighten up my-pre-summer-life with a bright outfit.
(New-ish top and all!)

Blouse: Max
Jacket: Dotti
Pants: Stax
Shoes: Hannah's - Hush Puppies

and I even painted my nails an orangy tone to match...