Shattering comparison...

So some of you may know that I won a crackle polish from Australis!

Today I decided to compare a few shatter polishes.

Left to right is OPI - Black Shatter, L.A. Girl - Black shatter, and Australis - Black Crackle.

I painted them all over white, and all three have the same Sally Hansen Mega Shine Topcoat.

I tried to put on the same amount of each polish.
As you can see OPI (middle finger) is quite a streaky shatter, which in some ways looks cooler, and I think this would look really good if I tried brushing side-ways sometimes.
The ring finger is the L.A. Girl which came out evenly cracked and in a random shape.
Then the pinky is Australis, which has much bigger 'sections' and thicker "crack lines"...

I liked the texture and formula of all the polishes, and think I would probably use Australis the most in the future.