This is exciting!

Today was very exciting.
When I check the post today not only did I find a bunch of boring letters I found a bulky envelope addressed to me!
and in that envelope was my Australis prize!

Nail Polish! My Favourite!!!! 
Black Crackle and Bombshell

I'm especially please with this as I have been watching the T.V. show Smash, and in the show (potential spoiler alert!) they decide to name the Marlin Monroe Musical "Bombshell"
I think the title is so fitting...
and so is the colour of nail polish.

Because of my new prize I decided to test the colours out right away and do a pink and shattered design on my nails..

Over View of Nail Polish
As you may know Australis has for a long time been one of my favourite nail polish brands.

All of Australis formula is super creamy and easy to apply and bombshell is no different.
The colour was really easy to apply, it wasn't too thick that it stuck to the bottle or brush, but it was still opaque enough to provide a solid colour. 
At first I was slightly concerned as the polish looked a bit streaky when I was applying to my nails, however when it dried (which was quickly I might add) there were no streaks in the finished colour.
I applied two coats (as I usually do for all polish) and was pleased with the opacity of the colour.
Bombshell is actually brighter than the colour looks in the bottle, which is wonderful, and has a slight sheen to it without being overly shiny, which is great if you wanted a more matte look.
After Bombshell I applied Black Crackle. This was awesome.
Now as you may know I am not the biggest "shatter polish" fan, but I was really pleased with how this polish shattered and the finished look.
The formula for this polish is a dryer, thicker feel, but don't let this put you off, I found that once I had a good sized dollop on the brush I could easily cover my nail in one (or two) sweeps- which is what you want to do with crackle. 
I also found it useful that if you put too much polish on the nail you could remove excess with the brush (with no polish on) as the nail polish rubbed off slightly. But beware of this if you're trying to apply a second coat as the brush will rub off damp/tacky not-quite-dry nail polish.

The Black Crackle dried really fast and was fun to watch cracking.

For my left hand (holding the pink bottle) I applied one coat of crackle, and for my right hand (holding the black bottle I applied two coats of crackle- waiting for completely dry in between each coat)

I really love that I can create a different look with one or two coats and will definitely be wearing this look again this summer! 

Check out the complete look...

I was also so pleased that I colour coordinated my outfit to match!!!

I just love pink!

You can read about my outfit soon...