A floral jacket...

I actually haven't worn this jacket too much.

When I first bought it I was slightly hesistant, 
 I knew I wanted to get into the trend of pattern jackets, and this was a cute floral pattern (I love floral!)
It was on sale, so was a bit of a bargin, new in store and on sale! 
but I was in the "but what will I wear it with?" phase...

I bought it,(obviously) 
I wore it to work one day - got heaps of compliments! 

then today woke up, put on comfy clothes, jeans and t-shirt...
thought how could I dress it up in a comfy easy way,
Stick on a jacket...
and it does look so good! 

Do you like it too?
Jacket: Shanton (but I've also spied at Farmers)
Top: Max
Jeans: Max (sadly have spilt blue nail polish on the bottom of one leg...)
Shoes: Briarwood
Bag: Overland