Day Fifteen: Inspired by a book... A great book...

I was really looking forward to this one...

well, actually if I'm being honest, I had chosen the book I wanted to do... but I had no idea how to do it..

It's my very very favourite book. 

The Secret Dream World of A Shopaholic.
by Sophie Kinsella

also been turned into a movie (one that i'm not too keen on- they changed a LOT of things) "Confessions of a Shopaholic"

She likes to shop, a lot! 
just like me.

hence the many shopping bags. 

Well any way, in the book (and the movie) the main character, Becky, buys this green scarf, from Denny and George. When she buys it she envisions a world where people will refer to her as "the girl in the green scarf"...

thus my girl-in-the-green-scarf nails...

And together they make, "The Secret Dream World of A Shopaholic" nails!

Enjoy the other blogger's nails...