Day Nine: Inspired by my location...


So I live in a pretty small town in New Zealand. 
There's not a lot that happens in this town, it's not a big city, and sometimes gets a bit boring...
one thing, however, that it has got going for it is the beautiful views. 
My parents live right by the river, where they can see beautiful hills, with (what I consider lovely to look at) Windmills. 

Our part of NZ, the Manawatu, takes pride in our renewable energy source, the windmills. 
We are a pretty windy place, and I think it's awesome that we're using this to help save the environment. 

So today my nails are based on the view from my parents house, and if you wander down a little further there's a cute rocky beach on the river. 
I like to have walks and picnic's here with MyLove.

These are supposed to be:
Thumb: the sun-rise over the hills,
index: rocks from by the river;
Middle: the windmills on the hills;
Ring: the river itself (it's actually probably way murky-er colour than this)
Pinky: the river bank.

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