Day One: Inspired by a band...


I think it's fitting that the Number One manicure should feature my number One favourite band...
I love Coldplay! 

and my nails should reflect this...
Now I'm not a perfect nail artist and these are not perfect representations of Coldplay's works.
But here you go...
Left hand (the best hand) are all album covers, and my right hand are representations of some of my favourite songs...

Left Hand:
Albums featured are :
Pinky: Parachutes - 2000
 Ring: A Rush of Blood to the Head - 2002
Middle: X & Y - 2005
Index: Viva La Vida or Death and all his friends - 2008
Thumb: Mylo Xyloto - 2011

Right Hand:
Songs Featured are 
Pinky: Life in Technicolour II - From Prospekt's March (an extension of Viva la Vida)

Ring: Green Eyes - From A Rush of Blood to the Head

Middle: Yellow - From Parachutes
look at the stars... look how they shine for you... and everything you do... yeah, they were all yellow...

Index: Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love - From Viva la Vida
 (at their last concert they released HEAPS of paper butterflies for this song) -also the cover of their live album LeftRightLeftRight

Thumb: Clocks - From A Rush of Blood to the Head
...confusion that never stops, closing walls of ticking clocks, gonna come back and take you home, I could not stop the tune I'm on....

And some more shots of the good hand....
I love the X & Y one the best.