A new year! Can you believe it!?
I never really know what to say (or write) at these times. I feel like it should be something special... But it probably won't be.

A pretty exciting year for me: discovered I enjoy blogging, and if I stick to something I can do it, discovered I love nail polish and the many forms of nail art that exists.
Moved in to my own home, with MyLove, got a brand-spanking new 'grown up' car, and got my first real job, which happens to be my dream job, that I have spent the past 4 years working towards...
I actually feel like I'm in a really good place. I've got purpose and direction...

Now to think of some resolutions. I'll probably do the usual, and aim to lose weight. I think I'd like to keep a good track of the year, and this blog is the best place to do this! So I vow to update regularly... (Excuse this post from the cell phone- but hey cell phone post is better than no post. I shall continue to do this as it works)

That is me,
A new year (and not a very 'new' person - but actually I'm quite OK with that).

Thanks to everyone for being here/reading this.