A Fun Party and my New Blue Dress...

Welcome to all my new followers! 

I apologise for not posting in some time, life just gets busy...
and I cannot believe it is February already! 

Well last night was a dear friend of mine's 21st birthday.
and here in New Zealand it's some what a big occasion and time to celebrate,
He hosted a wonderful big bash, 
and in typical girlwithsomeclothes fashion I needed to buy a new dress.

I woke MyLove up nice and early (much to his dismay) and began my shopping adventure...
The first shop I looked in was Staxs
I had been wanting to go there for ages and was hoping to go on "late night Thursday" only to find they're not open for late nights on Thursday... ::sad face:: so had to wait until Saturday.
I was in luck! 
I found this super cute navy blue dress in my size and it looked lovely!

So, I bought it.

I pictured it going perfectly with my purple and grey suede heels. 
(which it did)

So here is my final look for last night...

Dress: Staxs
Shoes: Shoe Connection

And I even did my nails to match! 

I used my striping tape from the Born Pretty Store and sectioned my nails, 
then painted varying sections with shades of Blue, Purple and Grey.

I used:
Revlon Midnight Affair (Blue)
Revlon Midnight Haze (Grey)
Revlon No Shrinking Violet (Purple)
Well I hope you like my nails and outfit as much as I did...
I actually created a some-what video clip of my nail panting process, so you might be seeing that sometime in the future...