My First Tutorial: How to make nail art stickers

So I heard about this cool nail art competition "Money Smart Nail Art"
It's all about using house hold items and doing cool nail art on a cheap, low, low budget...

And boy, do I love doing that!!! 

I have been wanting to try making "nail art stickers" for a while... these are small shapes that are stuck onto the nail. This technique provides really crisp lines, and means you can do cool overlap/overlay designs (like my awesome Thumb Nail!)
Plus, I'd just received some new China Glaze nail polishes I wanted to try...

For this I used: Revlon White on White
China Glaze Solar Power (Yellow)
China Glaze Tree Huger (Green)
China Glaze Code Orange (Orange)

And my household items were:
- Toothpick
- Plastic sheet (I used a clear file page)
- Nail polish (you can use as many or as little colours as you want)
and Nail Polish Top Coat

Well I hope you enjoy the tutorial... sorry it's so very long, I didn't want you to miss out any important details...

And the overall result should look something like....