Beauty and the Beach

Beauty and the Beach two! 

I know guys... it's been ages since I've posted...

but boy am I excited!!! 
Jessie showed me this great competition

For the competition it asks you to create a "Holiday look" with nails, make-up and hair...

now, I don't know about you, but when I think holiday, I think sun, surf and cocktails! 

so my manicure reflects this... check it out:

It's supposed to represent a setting sun over the ocean...

with delicious cocktails...

Doesn't this just scream paradise! 

And in order to enjoy the heat, and not be overloaded with make-up, I would opt for something light and flirty..

I would start with a base of BB cream (to give an overall finish without weight my skin down) - I used Maybelline: Dream Fresh BB in "Fair"
I then used Australis: Highlights in "Gold" to give my cheek-bones a sheen, that will catch the sunlight and give me a natural sun kissed glow.

I then used a nude shimmer eye shadow from BYS, and lined my eye with a shimmer green eye-shadow from BYS  to give my eyes a slight, flirty, colour pop.
I finished my eyes with some australis: Multi MEGA lash mascara in "Blackest Black" (I love this mascara because it's not too thick and clumpy and a lot of mascaras look this way on my thin short lashes)

and to finish off the look I used a matte, Revlon lipstick in "Rosegold". (I opted for lipstick not gloss as I didn't want sand stuck to my lips on days spent at the beach...)

and to jazz my make-up up for cocktails at the end of the day add some red lipgloss and a touch of black eye-liner....

As many of you, like me, might find sun, surf and sand do not do wonders for my already frizzy hair...

so to keep it tame on my dream sunny holiday, what better than a cute French plait

To do this, I started by parting my hair and doing a freach plait along my hair line... (I have rather un-ruley and curly hair along my hair line - for some reason it seems to be the worst here)
I then followed the base of my neck to plait around the side.
I held this plait in place at the nape of my neck with a hair tie, while I French plaited down the other side of my part. 
I then plaited the two pieces of hair together and secured with a hair tie. 
This is the overall look:

Perfect for keeping my hair out of the sea water when going for a dip, and it keeps it from flying around if it gets windy on the beach.

And, for later on, when I'm having my cocktails I can take it down and have beautiful wavy hair...

I'd love to see pictures if you recreate any of these looks!