My Hearts all a (Lemony) flutter for this cuticle butter!

 This is the most delicious smelling amazing and creamy cuticle oil!

I had to share!

I have been using this for about a month now (applying about every second or two days). 
Prior to this i found my cuticles felt and looked really dry - you know that white, crusty looking skin... It wasn't quite at the stage of splitting or ripping, but I feel it was very close! 
I often use pure aceton to clean up manicures - so that's rubbing it with a brush directly into my cuticle area only. 

As you can see in the photo, smooth normal coloured cuticles :)

The texture is smooth, somewhat oily... But not too greasy. Like, I wouldn't say go play on your iphone straight after application, or you will find you get streak marks and greasy residue on screen. Lemony flutter absorbes in quite well after a few minutes and you can go back to using your hands like normal (just with a more hydrating/soft hands) 

Love it! 
And you only need a tiny bit to do all your cuticles!!!! 
I do actually get spur dry elbows and use this on them too!!!!

Love love love it!
What are your thoughts?