Swatch // My Current Crush - OPI

 Again, a liquid sands I had been dying to add to my collection! 

I saw this on some American (?) bloggers blogs a while ago- apparently it's a special edition thing that comes with OPI base coat... 
Safe to say I have not see this yet in New Zealand, so I was stoked to see this on eBay! 

Now for a photo of this beautiful polish!

Below in (bathroom) white light (haha- it turned terribly rainy and overcast!) 

I love it! 
The consistency was great! Opaque and quick dry time! 
The texture is a fine grain, not as rough as the other liquid sands I've tried (similar texture to pussy galore).
The placement of glitters is just right, it's not too sparkly, but not just a plain purple cream polish. 

It is a must have if you've been looking for a purple liquid sands!