Trip down Memory Lane // Day two

 I'm finally posting day two of 

Ok, so I have been doing these sporadically, not sticking to each day... 
Sorry about that... 
Day two's challenge is to use my last purchased in 2013 and my first purchased in 2014...

I can't remember my last purchased of 2013, but I did get some polish for Christmas... Including emotions by OPI... So I used that one.

My first purchase of 2014 was actually a OPI Mariah Carey mini set of liquid sands... I chose one of these as the second polish. 

I used OPI Liquid Sands Emotions (black) and OPI Liquid Sands Silent Stars Go By...

Not my best manicure, but I quite like it :)

Apologies that the heart looks a bit like Mickey Mouse... But I'm getting better :)

Sorry about the lighting on this one! 

Overall I'm quite pleased with this manicure... Also do you know how difficult it is to draw straight lines with liquid sands!!!! 

What do you think? Like the look too?

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