Turn your Toes Teal // Polish for a cause

 Look at this cute polish! 

What an epic colour!

This polish is created by Ovarian Cancer Awareness NZ. Each bottle is $10. More info about buying these can be found on the Ovarian Cancer Awareness NZ Facebook page. 

Look at how cutely (is that a word?) it was packaged! 

This polish is smaller than my usual size. I'd say about 7.5ml (which is the size of maybelline and China Glaze mini's).
The brush is a pretty standard small brush: 

The colour is so lovely! 
This is a shear polish, I'd say it's a crelly (?) - it's quite sheer and jelly like with a slight milky-cream-like-ness to it... 
This is one coat (looks yuck just one coat!) 

Looks heaps better with two-thick to three coats:
This is just overall a lovely polish. To be fair I don't have many jelly polishes or sheer creams come to that. I think I will actually get a lot of use with this. 
I can't wait to try a jelly sandwich with this one! 

Isn't it beautiful? 

Hope you enjoyed my photo-spam.