A favorite pattern for me - the Royal Tee

I really enjoyed writing my last post (about EMMM from peekaboo). I liked looking through all my photos of that pattern and writing down my thoughts.
I've decided to feature a few of my favorite Patterns over the next few posts.

Today I want to show you the Royal Tee. This is a pattern from NZ company, little kiwis closet. You have probably seen and heard this company before in this blog as it is one of my favourites- it's also great that it's NZ owned! 😁😁

The Royal-tee is a t-shirt pattern designed for knit fabrics which features princess seams. It has the option of short sleeves, long sleeves and flounce sleeves as well as three necklines. There is a standard option and maternity option. 
I find the fit to be really flattering for me because of the princess seams. I'm not one for a clingy t-shirt because I don't like my stomach but I do want something fitted enough that I don't feel like I'm in a sack haha. I find this great as a slim for t-shirt but not too tight. 

Ok, ok, time to stop talking and move on to photos! 
Surprisingly the photos I've found all feature me pregnant! All are standard cut (not maternity) despite the baby bump. 

this is a basic (no hacks) short sleeve. 

this one is the standard pattern extended a bit with a large band added to the bottom (I only did this because I had a strip of mint fabric left that was the right size for this top- but I surprised myself with how much I love it!)

Now, if you know me then you know I love for a pattern to have options! While this pattern only provides for the basic (not boring) t-shirt style above I have managed to hack this a couple of times...

this one I extended the length and created an a-line shape based off the Agnes pattern by Halla

this is my favorite Royal-tee so far! This is hacked with the hey babie by Halla to allow for pull down and pull up nursing access. 
I've been wearing this often post birth- like I say, not too clingy, even for a post partum bod! 

Like most little kiwis closet patterns it's simple and easy to follow. Yes, the sleeves are cut on the fold, which actually I like as I'm less likely to mix up front and back and I actually get a really good underarm for with no modifications.
On reflection I've never had to actually make any modifications for little kiwis closet (after I've found the right size).

Overall, great pattern. Do you need it? Most definitely yes. Especially if you're a comfort clothes gal (like me) but want something slimming, more formal looking than a plain t-shirt and some versatility with a pattern. 

Don't forget to check out little Kiwi's Closet here!

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