A Favourite: Eeny Meeny Miny Moe by Peek-a-Boo Patterns

A Favourite Pattern
Eeny Meeny Miny Moe by Peek-a-Boo Patterns 

Today I set out to make a post about a pattern I love. To prepare I found photos of almost all the items I've made. I've made 21! WOW! 

Well as you'd know from the image above... It's the Eeny Meeny Miny Moe (EMMM) by peek-a-boo patterns.

I don't have photos of all my makes as it's a bit of a staple in this house and a few plain woolen ones are in the wash. 

Get ready for some photos over load! 

As you can see there are multiple options for this pattern. 

It can be a fitted bodysuit with snap crotch. This is perfect as an underlayer for my TinyKnight.
fabric: cotton Lycra, short sleeves

Fabric: Merino wool (plain red) & cotton elastane (patterned); long sleeve. I've actually hacked the EMMM with a lap neck here. PAB do have a lap neck bodysuit pattern if you're not into hacking.

I was really nervous to attempt a snap crotch initially but the pattern has really easy to follow instructions for the leg binding. 
Secret tip: when I fold up the end for snaps I omit the interfacing and lay down a small piece of grosgrain ribbon to provide strength for the snaps. 
Here's some closer up photos of the snaps 
Plain t-shirt, hoody or dress
There's also the option to make a plain tee or hoody (I'm yet to make a hoody but love it as a tee!)
Fabric: cotton elastane; short sleeve t-shirt

fabric: cotton elastane; short sleeve t-shirt. self-drafted colour-blocking

fabric: cotton elastane; short sleeve t-shirt. Colour blocking and applique by me.
This is a favorite in our tractor loving household! 

fabric: wool (I sewed two layers for extra warmth); long sleeve t-shirt. 

fabric: cotton; long sleeve dress

T-shirt over bodysuit
Now here's a fun part. This pattern allows for an attached bodysuit under the tee. Perfect for extra warmth or those active kids prone to showing tummy when on the go! 
fabric: t-shirt cotton (outter layer) & cotton elastane (bodysuit)

fabric: Merino (grey), cotton elastane (pandas) & 100% cotton (bodysuit)

My pattern hacks
There's so much fun to be had with a good basic pattern. You've seen above some color blocking and a mash with the lap neck tee.

Here's a sleeveless hack.
Fabric: up-cycled cotton t-shirt & cotton elastane (bodysuit)
I wanted a grunge look which I thought a sleeveless style would provide. Initially I'd left the sleeves raw but it wasn't quite right so I ended up folding under and sewing (like a hem). If I was to do it again I'd probably use bands instead. 

This one was a bit more complicated to make a cross over bodysuit
fabric: cotton elastane
I'm happy to do a tutorial post later but essentially I cut two fronts on an angle and placed them on top of each other. 
I like the final look but would probably make the neckline a little higher for a boy.

And finally a newborn gown
fabric: cotton elastane
This one was very easy to hack! I just added a few inches to the bottom, folded the hem and threaded elastic through. 
If you're not into hacks there is a peekaboo gown pattern. 

So overall, yes, you need this pattern! 
I love peek-a-boo patterns for kids. I find them a good fit, easy to follow with clear instructions and pictures and good Facebook community support. This is such a quick satisfying sew. 
10 out of 10 recommend. 

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